Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 1957-March 1958

A Syracuse tale of city, suburbs, public housing, arterial highways...and bowling:


Aaron Knight said...

It's quite interesting that all this happened - and then the east-west arterial ended up routed several hundred yards north of the site anyway. This is the first I'd seen that the 690 plans were that far south... and the terrain would have presented some interesting challenges further east.

Syracuse B4 said...

Here's an article from July 1957 Syracuse Herald-American that goes into great detail about the proposed route at the time (and all the buildings that would be demolished):

pt 2:

Aaron Knight said...

Wow. That would have made the 690/81 interchange even more of an idiotic design than that which is there now... I'm not sure how I missed this (maybe because it was replaced fairly quickly by the current layout?) when doing my research on the 81 corridor.